Thursday, August 14, 2014

Trip to Phang Nga Bay and Hong Island

It’s very early morning and the adventure starts- incredible Thailand wants to be explored. It is still raining when I and the other tourists are being picked up at the hotel by a Khao Lak Land Discovery minivan. Today we are a group of eight German tourists. Our German speaking tourguide welcomes us warmly before giving us a brief overview of today’s program. On our 1 ½ hours bus ride to the pier we stop for a quick breakfast and the tourguidebuys some Pathonggos, a kind of donut for us. At the dock we put on our plastic raincoats because there is heavy rain now.
The so called longtailboat manages the rainy condition and the waves. We pass amazing mangrove swamps and reach impressive karst sceneries. Our tourguide gives us interesting information on several of the limestone rocks and mentions how important it is to be aware of the influence the tides have on the caves and cliffs. Therefore, trips to these spots have to be well prepared and have a strict time limit or a time window during which they can be visited. The famous James Bond Island which we all know from the movie “James Bond 007-the man with the golden gun” seems very tiny compared to the other limestone giants. Next we get to a fascinating extensive cave system.
There canoes are being inflated and either the tourguide or the boat crew rows us safely through the narrow and half-submerged caves to wonderful bays. Here we can enjoy silence, chirping of cicadas and the breathtaking scenery of the movie “Avatar”. Slowly the weather is clearing up. Later we get the chance trying to row the canoes ourselves. Here and there we get cool drinks as refreshment. We continue our trip with another cave. This time we wade through knee-deep water, shirk from hundreds of years old glittering stalactites in the diamond cave and get into a “room” of mangroves. It looks gorgeous. Afterwards we have a quick swim at a lagoon!
Around lunchtime we take the boat back to the pier. On the way we stop at a sea gipsy village set up on stilts. There we visit a school, walk through the shopping area and finally take rest at a nice terrace. We are served a variety of tasty Thai meals and enjoy the exotic tastes. After this delicious lunch we take the boat to the pier and from there take the bus to our last destination for today: a cave temple. At the entry we are welcomed by many hungry little monkeys. Inside the cave temple there is a huge Buddha in lying position. Our guide tells us the story of the temple and then allows us to have a look around on our own. Now we can go back home to Khao Lak! Today we have had a full day of experiences, adventure, information and fun!

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